Focus on your work. We got your back.

Mail service 
*non members

Use our address as your own + send and receive packages during business hours.
We’ll receive your mail and sort it into your own mailbox and sign for your packages (with your written consent). You can come into the office and pick up your mail anytime during business hours. No more dropping your business pin in your back yard! 65/mo

virtual member

Access to our closed Facebook member community
30% member discount on paid classes and events
Networking events
Access to the group medical benefit plan*

*Coming soon

Want 3 months free of
virtual membership?

Pay for the year and
3 months are on us!

open desk

Grab a desk or couch in whatever space suits you that day. If you want quiet work time, use the quiet room and if you want company then the main room is for you. Need a locker? Rent one for the day or the month. Choose from a 5, 10 or 15 day package. Starting at 200/mo.

Semi private office

Store your things at your desk and have your logo on the door. A space to call your own starting starting at 600/mo.

parentpreneur memberships
Focus on your work, we’ll make sure the tiny human is happy.

Where else can you get a space to work (where you’re not plagued by the constant calling of well wishing family and friends, or where the siren song of undone laundry isn’t trying to lure you into the black hole of house work) + child care for the cost of a teenage babysitter?
We’ve partnered up with our amazing child care provider, Chapter 1 Daycare, to bring our members a great environment for our children. Some like it so much they never wanna go home!

Packages include 1 Day Drop in; 5, 10 and 15 day passes plus a full time option. Starting at 140/mo.

Please contact us for more details.

Have questions about child minding? Want to know more about gym use? See our FAQ page.

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